A pair of earring

Southeast Asian Collection

Accession Nr.: 2647.1-2
Type: jewellery; metalwork; accessory
Date of production:
before 1919
Place of production:
Acquisition: collection of Ferenc Hopp
Materials/Techniques: gold, filigree, openwork
Dimensions: length: 5.8 cm
Ferenc Hopp visited Manila on his last round-the-world trip in 1913-1914. It is presumed that this was when he collected the elongated silver-gilt and gold-plated pendants from the Philippines, one of which is shown in the attached photograph. The pair of earring pendants seen in the photo is lacking the usually rich mother-of-pearl inlay, and is instead enriched by granules and small filigree works. The sun, flowers, rhombus, bows and other motifs are common features. They are made with meticulous care and show exceptionally good taste.