Accession Nr.: 67.49.1
Type: puppetry and shadow play; carving; textile arts
Date of production:
second half of the 19th century
Place of production:
Materials/Techniques: carved, painted wood; batik textile
Dimensions: height: 64 cm
Wayang golek purwa puppet from Ernő Zboray's Collection. The rodman was probably repainted at the end of the 20's. It depicts a panakawan. Panakawans are popular characters of the wayang plays, they are the clowns of the performance in a ritual sense. In the performances they speak the language of the everyday people, however, due to their divine origin they are highly respected, especially Semar, who could be considered to be the forerunner of them all. Their body is deformed and mostly ridiculous, still their words are worth considering, since most of the time they reflect the current events and the events of the given situation.