Accession Nr.: 445
Type: jewellery; metalwork; accessory
Date of production:
before 1914
Place of production:
Acquisition: collection of Ferenc Hopp
Materials/Techniques: silver-gilt, embossed
Dimensions: height: 11 cm
width: 14 cm
depth: 1. 6 cm
The belt ornament (Indonesian: pending) is a popular accessory in the Malay world. It was usually made by Peranakan (emigrant, assimilated) Chinese jewellers, but the clientele was not limited to this community, as it was as much a part of Javanese dress as it was of the Malay islands or Singapore (the former British colony, the so-called Malaka Straits Colonies). A finely crafted, ornate silver pending was a symbol of the wearer's wealth and status.

The piece in the picture is probably from Java and is one of the more complex pending poohwa belt ornaments, with its rich tendril and flower garlands, small animal figures (fish, hoofed animals, etc.) and a rosette of a peacock in the centre. The object was bought by Ferenc Hopp in Siam.