Busan. Market in the morning

Visit to the Land of Morning Calm



Accession Nr.: F.2004.681.
Type: photograph
Date of production:
Place of production:
Acquisition: collection of Dezső Bozóky
Materials/Techniques: hand-coloured glass slide
Dimensions: height: 8 cm
width: 8 cm
Dezső Bozóky hand-coloured glass diapositive. Photograph taken by Dezső Bozóky. “The Korean market is on the long street that runs along the border of the Japanese quarter. Cheek by jowl, there squat the white-dressed women on their mats... For the most part, fish,
vegetables, fruits, bamboo baskets and straw hats are sold at the market, as well as the universal panacea grown in Korea, the ginseng root” (Bozóky 1911, I. 528). Other publication: Bozóky Dezső: Két év Keletázsiában. Útirajzok. I-II. kötet. China és Korea, Japán. (동아시아에서의 2년. 여행기 I.-II. 권, 중국과 한국, 일본) Nagyvárad, the author's edition, 1911.