Busan. Snow-white clothes are worn

Visit to the Land of Morning Calm



Accession Nr.: F.2004.685.
Type: photograph
Date of production:
Place of production:
Acquisition: collection of Dezső Bozóky
Materials/Techniques: hand-coloured glass slide
Dimensions: height: 8 cm
width: 8 cm
Dezső Bozóky hand-coloured glass diapositive. Photograph taken by Dezső Bozóky. Related item: A.4760.2.34.2. (photo). Women are descending a sloping street in Busan’s Korean district; one of them carries on infant on her back, the other a basket on her head. They wear the traditional garments of Korean women, a long skirt and a short coat. The broad waistline of the skirt runs high, in accordance with the fashion of the late Joseon period, across the chest, keeping the breasts hidden. The old man walking immediately behind them is also dressed traditionally, wearing a white coat and a horsehair hat. From the porch of the house by the road, a woman watches passers-by.