Jazouli: Dala'il al-Khayrat

Prayer book

Middle Eastern Collection

Accession Nr.: 51.114.1
Type: books and manuscripts
Date of production:
1771-72 AD
Materials: paper
Techniques: watercolor
Dimensions: length:15.4 cm
széleség:10 cm
On the first pages of this short prayer book in gilt frames, the 99 names of attributes of God can be seen, followed by the names of the prophet Muhammad. These are followed by physical description (hilye) of the Prophet and the first four caliphs and then comes a list of names of the followers of the Prophet. In the middleof the manuscript is an image of the holy mosque in Mecca with the Kaaba at its centre, while the second half o f the book contains a poem relating the Battle of Badr in 624, at which Muhammad defeated his Meccan persecutors.

These kinde of prayer books were used primarly by the members of Sufi orders.