Khallkha women's headdress

Mongolian Collection

Accession Nr.: 67.151.1
Type: jewellery; metalwork; costumes
Date of production:
18th-19th centuries
Place of production:
Materials: precious coral; silver; turquise
Dimensions: height: 6 cm
diameter: 15.8 cm
length: 34.5 cm
The silver headdress imitates openwork filigree technique, perhaps made of hammered wire with inlays of coral, turquoise, rose quartz and other precious stones. Its central pattern is the Buddhist symbol, the endless knot surrounded by scroll-like tendrils. Sockets containing precious stones were glued to the hammer-shaped patterns that stretch around. On the front and on both sides, a stylized plant decoration made of precious stones, while on the back a single coral completes the decoration. Both the wing-shaped ears on both sides and the rear decorative plate are similarly decorated. The part hanging down on both sides is a 5-5 silver chain connected to two filigree plates.