Accession Nr.: 386.1-2
Type: religious or cult object; weapons and armament; metalwork; carving
Date of production:
18 – 19th century
Place of production:
Acquisition: collection of Ferenc Hopp
Materials/Techniques: steel, wood, root, carved, forged
Dimensions: length: 65. 5 cm
width: 16. 5 cm
This uniquely shaped blade in the form of a tongue of flame was forged from steel and then fitted with a suitably extravagant handle and grip guard made of root artfully highlighting its original features. The carvings date back to the 19th century but the blade is probably older. Collected by Ferenc Hopp.

For the Indonesians the kris (Indonesian: keris) is much more than a simple weapon, it is a spectacular and effective expression of Javanese spirituality, a bearer of spiritual power, a symbol of heroism and a status symbol.