Accession Nr.: 69.188.1
Type: print
Date of production:
ca. 1950 − 1960
Place of production:
Signed: ED
Materials/Techniques: paper, linocut
Dimensions: height: 16 cm
width: 10. 8 cm
A diagonally depicted tree with foliage, and below it (hard to make out), a figure in the back and another figure in the side view can be seen in the engraving. The figures are making their way from the mysterious forest towards the safety of the densely populated village with their baskets - as indicated by the path they take from the single tree towards the many rooftops.

The engraving was a gift to the Hopp Museum collection from Dr. Tibor Bodrogi, a renowned Hungarian ethnographer and an expert on Oceania and the Indonesian archipelago.