Recurve bow

Mongolian Collection

Accession Nr.: 65.75.1
Type: weapons and armament
Date of production:
Place of production:
Materials: keratin; wood
Dimensions: depth: 28 cm
length: 152 cm
This is a newly made piece, technically perfect in construction. The wooden limbs of the bow are reinforced with a horn overlay, and the two recoiling ends increase the bow’s power. The exterior is covered in snakeskin. It is decorated with coloured paint and paper depicting floral motifs and red stars. The bowstring is made of leather and cotton yarn. At its two ends, the loops of the vegetable-tanned leather strap are knotted with strands of cotton yarn and wrapped tightly with cotton thread. It forms a unit with inventory numbers HFM_65.76.1-2 .

The original owner was given the gift in a red waxed linen-covered wooden case with a red velvet lining.