Scale model of the tomb structure (rear side)

Korean Collection

Accession Nr.: 55.797.1.2
Type: model
Date of production:
20th century
Place of production:
Materials: wood
Techniques: painted
Dimensions: height: 36 cm
width: 87.5 cm
length: 155.5 cm
20th-century reproduction of the mural painting of Anak Tomb No. 3 dated to the 4th century AD

Anak Tomb No.3 is situated int he valley of the Jaeryeong river; it was discovered during excavation works. It is the tomb of a Chinese general (Chinese name: Dong Shou). The murals in Dongsu’s tomb fall into the category of genre scences.

UNESCO included Goguryeo murals on the World Heritage List in 1994.