Szamurájpáncél vállvédője

Japanese Collection

Accession Nr.: 52.532.8.1
Type: weapons and armament; costumes
Date of production:
Edo (Tokugawa) period
Place of production:
Materials: lacquer; leather; metal; textile
Dimensions: Overall height: 161 cm


length: 34 cm

width: 28 cm
It belongs to a samurai armour of the haramaki type under inv. nos 52.532.2-52.532.10, while 52.532.3 is not part of the armour. Dated January 1821 (12th month of 1820) and signed Kacchū ryōkō Myōchin ki Munefusa (maker of armour Munefusa of the Myōchin clan) on the helmet (in Japanese: kabutō).