Vaisnavite necklace with the name and footprints of Srinatha

India / South Asia Collection

Accession Nr.: 3106
Type: bronze, lead, gold and silver; jewellery
Date of production:
18th-19th c.
Period of Rajput kingdoms
Place of production:
Acquisition: donation of Imre Schwaiger
Materials: gold; silver; textile
Techniques: enamel
Dimensions: Diameter: 25 cm

First plate: 6,3 cm

Second plate: 4,2 cm

Third plate: 3,1 cm
Enamel necklace from Jaipur with Vaisnava symbols and inscriptions. Five gold plates are mounted on a red cord coated with silver button binding. A sixth plate hangs from a hoop under the middle, larger plate.Each plate is decorated with cloisonné embellishments filled with enamel on both sides. On one side of the plates patterns of red and green flowers, leaves and birds are visible on white background, and in the middle of each is the inscription "Sri Nathaji" in Sanskrit on a red background, which is one of Visnu's addresses. On the other side of the plates in a gold-striped blue and green frame on a white background. In the middle, Visnu's footprints are seen in red, with an axe, a fish, a star and a circle.
The beautifully crafted, precious necklace shows traditional Vaisnava symbolism. Visnu's footprints have been depicted since early times.