View of Busan

Visit to the Land of Morning Calm



Accession Nr.: F.2004.674.
Type: photograph
Date of production:
Place of production:
Acquisition: collection of Dezső Bozóky
Materials/Techniques: hand-coloured glass slide
Dimensions: height: 8 cm
width: 8 cm
Dezső Bozóky hand-coloured glass diapositive. Photograph taken by Dezső Bozóky. A view of the town, photographed from the Korean district. The large Japanese quarter along the shore is visible. On the right, traditional Korean houses can be seen. In the foreground, a woman and a man talk in traditional costumes. (Her veil rests on her head folded, he does not wear a hat or a coat.) A pair of straw sandals lie outside the house in the foreground; Koreans remove their footwear before stepping inside a home.