White Jambhala riding a dragon

Mongolian Collection

Accession Nr.: 68.26.1
Type: sculpture; metalwork; statuette
Date of production:
end of the 19th century
Place of production:
Materials: brass
Dimensions: height: 6.3 cm
The gilded brass statue is painted red in certain places. The missing pedestal was replaced with a wooden pedestal (produced later). The artefact shows a figure sitting with his legs drawn up on a twohorned dragon, moving upwards. His hair, standing on ends like a red tongue of flame (a typical feature of wrathful deities), is adorned with a five-branched gem diadem. On his forehead he has a third eye. He has fangs and arched eyebrows. His body is covered with jewels, veils and ribbons typical of bodhisattvas. He does not hold attributes in his hands.