Aikuchi tantō, with plum blossom and flying bees, and with a kōgai

Japanese Collection

Accession Nr.: 3378.1-4
Type: weapons and armament; metalwork
Date of production:
First half of the 19th century
Edo (Tokugawa) period
Place of production:
Acquisition: collection of Ferenc Hopp
Materials/Techniques: steel, bronze, gold, silver, lacquer, wood
Dimensions: length: 35.7 cm
Smaller blades and hairpins (kozuka and kōgai) with similarly ornamented handles and carried in a slot cut in the scabbard had their own place on either side of the handle. Source: Fajcsák Györgyi (ed.): Japán vörös és fekete. Hagyományos japán viselet és kortárs magyar ékszerek / Japanese 'Rouge et Noir'. Traditional Japanese Wear and Traditional Hungarian Jewellery. Budapest, Iparművészeti Múzeum, 2013.