Buddha's Descent from Tavatimsa Heaven

Southeast Asian Collection

Accession Nr.: 2015.126.1
Type: painting; religious or cult object; hanging scroll
Date of production:
mid-19th century
Place of production:
Materials/Techniques: tempera on fabric (cotton cloth) backing
Dimensions: height: 246cm
width: 73.5 cm
The long scroll painting has a tri-partite composition. Buddha holding his hands in a gesture of meditation is seated on a high throne in front of a white stupa which stands among other buildings in a monastery in the sky. Starting from the center a long triple flight of steps leads downwards with Buddha returning to the earth after his teachings in the sky. The lowest part depits hell with emaciated figures with swollen abdomen, begging for the intercession of those living on the earth. A Thai inscription can be read at the bottm of the scroll painting.