Fashionable Spring Moon

Servant on the veranda, holding a sake pot

Japanese Collection

Accession Nr.: 7635
Type: print; woodblock print
Date of production:
between 1849 and 1853
Edo (Tokugawa) period
Place of production:
Acquisition: collected by Péter Vay
Signed: 錦朝楼芳虎 画. Kinchōrō Yoshitora ga. Designed by Kinchōrō Yoshitora
Marks: Censors' seals: Hama (浜), Magome (馬込)
Materials/Techniques: paper, woodblock print
Dimensions: height 37.6 cm
width 25.6 cm
Central sheet of a triptych (left and right sheets are missing). Publisher: Yamadaya Shōjirō. Inscription: 風流弥生月 (title of the artwork on the missing right sheet).