Inrō, netsuke, and ojime (Ryusa-manju: vegetable basket)

Japanese Collection

Accession Nr.: 1760.1-3
Type: object for daily use; lacquers; costumes
Date of production:
turn of the 18th and 19th centuries
Edo (Tokugawa) period
Place of production:
Acquisition: collection of Ferenc Hopp
Signed: Kōma (古満)
Materials/Techniques: wood, lacquer, maki-e, textile, stag antler, walrus tusk
Dimensions: inrō:
height 4.4 cm
width 7.7 cm
depth 1.8 cm

diameter 4.4 cm
Three-case inrō decorated with kai-awase shell game motif, referring to the butterfly dance from chapter 24 of the Genji Monogatari, the netsuke is forming a vegetable basket and the ojime has the shape of an ovoid basket.