Ko-wakizashi, with red lacquer scabbard, the kozuka with dragon twisted on diamond sceptre motif

Japanese Collection

Accession Nr.: 5459.1-3
Type: weapons and armament; metalwork; lacquers
Date of production:
19th century
Edo (Tokugawa) period or Meiji era
Place of production:
Acquisition: collection of Ferenc Hopp
Materials/Techniques: steel, bronze, silver, wood, lacquer, rayskin, silk; damask blade
Dimensions: length: 39.7 cm
From the 16th century, the samurai had the exclusive right to carry a sword. The samurai wore two swords thrust through the belt, edges up: the longer katana and the shorter wakizashi. The grip, which was often covered in rayskin, was wrapped with braided silk cord, with small pieces of hammered sheet metal (menuki) matching the adornments of the sword placed under the wrapping on both sides. Source: Fajcsák Györgyi (ed.): Japán vörös és fekete. Hagyományos japán viselet és kortárs magyar ékszerek / Japanese 'Rouge et Noir'. Traditional Japanese Wear and Traditional Hungarian Jewellery. Budapest, Iparművészeti Múzeum, 2013.