Accession Nr.: 3087
Type: bronze, lead, gold and silver; religious or cult object; weapons and armament; metalwork
Date of production:
19 − 20th century
Place of production:
Materials/Techniques: silver, gilt, set with semi-precious stones
Dimensions: height: 11 cm
width: 3. 7 cm
Heavily damaged (burnt) Balinese kris hilt, with characteristic demon design. The hard-to-see right hand is presumably gripping something, as in the figural depictions of Kala, Bayu, Bima and other heroes and demons (distinctive handle ornaments). The figure is decorated with gold plates and a coloured semi-precious stone mount. For the Indonesians the kris is much more than a simple weapon, it is a spectacular and effective expression of Javanese spirituality, a vehicle of spiritual power, a symbol of heroism and status.