Accession Nr.: 359.1-2
Type: weapons and armament; metalwork; carving
Date of production:
before 1914
Place of production:
Acquisition: collection of Ferenc Hopp
Materials/Techniques: steal, copper, wood, plant fibre, hair, damasced, carved, painted, forged
Dimensions: length: 68, 7 cm
Typical and very impressive type of sword from Borneo. In terms of its function, it can serve as both a head-hunter's weapon of intimidation and a machete (bush-cutting knife) for everyday tasks. The blade as well as the edges are carefully decorated, while the wooden handle is carved with various patterns complemented by the addition of coloured tufts of hair.

On the back of the ornately carved scabbard made of two flat pieces bound together with plant fibres, there is usually another, smaller sheath: this is where the "piso raut" (missing in this case), the small knife, is kept, which, in addition to be used for wood and rattan carving, played a prominent role in skinning the heads that were collected as trophies.