Mucalinda Buddha

Southeast Asian Collection

Accession Nr.: 50.98.1-2
Type: bronze, lead, gold and silver; religious or cult object; statuette
Date of production:
ca. 18th century
Place of production:
Acquisition: donation of Imre Schwaiger
Materials/Techniques: bronze, openwork, gilt
Dimensions: height: 5,2 cm
width: 2, 8 cm
depth: 2, 5 cm
stand / height: 15, 5 cm
stand / width: 2, 8 cm
stand / depth: 10, 5 cm
The depiction shows Sakyamuni Buddha with his right hand in a, eart-touching gesture (Skt. bhúmisparshá-mudra) and his left in a meditation gesture (Skt.dhyana-mudra),in the post-enlightenment moment. This is also suggested by the presence of the Naga (dragon/snake) king, who is draped like a robe over the meditating Shakyamuni (Muchalinda Buddha), together with the flowers that sprout at the front of the throne, accompanying the overcoming of temptation, the witnessing of the Earth and the moment of enlightenment. The flower heads bending in four directions refer to the universe, the buds in various states of opening refer to infinite time (past, present, future). At the back of the pedestal are the bronze scales of the naga and an ear for suspension. The gilded figure is not fixed to the pedestal.