Peasants Make Demands

Southeast Asian Collection

Accession Nr.: 69.180.1
Type: print
Date of production:
Place of production:
Signed: SP 64.
Marks: Lembaga Seni Rupa Bumi Tarung

The Jogjakarta-based "Bumi Tarung" Fine Art Association)
Materials/Techniques: linocut on paper
Dimensions: height: 21.8 cm
width: 22 cm
Linocut. The engraving by the Indonesian painter Suhardjija (Hardjija) Pudjanadi entitled Kaum Tani Menuntut ('Peasants make demands') was published in the magazine Harian Rakyat on 21 June 1964. The demands are (from top to bottom): [in compliance with] the UUPA ('1960 Agrarian Law'), UUD 45 ('1945 Indonesian Constitution') and 'musyawarah' (consensus), in other prints: democracy. The peasants in profile view are all stretching their hands demanding the fulfilment of promises made to them, the furthest one waving a flag with a caption reading: 'Fire the evil ruler'.