Plaque (stag)

Zichy Collection

Accession Nr.: 5199
Type: bronze, lead, gold and silver; archaeological artifacts
Date of production:
7th century B.C.−3rd century B.C.
Materials: bronze
Dimensions: length: 7 cm
width: 3.6 cm
thickness: 0.4 cm
Cast bronze relief plaque depicting a stag. The creature is facing left, its long neck stretching forward and its head turning back, while its limbs are characteristically drawn beneath its body.Its forelegs are slightly curved. The portrayal is relatively detailed, featuring eyes and some other physical details. It was probably worn as a clothing ornament. Close parallels to this object can be found throughout the Minusinsk Basin, but similar specimens, with the animal facing either left or right, were widespread across the entire area of Scythian culture.