Vajradhara Primordial Buddha with pradnya

Mongolian Collection

Accession Nr.: 66.55.1
Type: sculpture; metalwork; statuette
Date of production:
17th–18th centuries
Place of production:
Materials: bronze
Techniques: gilt; lost-wax casting
Dimensions: height: 18.2 cm
The statuette represent the primordial Buddha, Vajradhara in accordance with Buddhist iconography. He wears Indian princely attire. A diadem adorns his forehead, and jewelleries ornament his body. He seats in "vajra" postureon a characteristic lotus throne, which shapes a bulging drum. Upcurving lotus petals and engraving decorate the throne. Vajradhara holds a vajra and a bell while he embreces his consort Prajnaparamita, who holds a skull-cum and a chopper, which cuts the root of ignorance.

This masterpiece manifests all significant emblems of the Dzanabadzar School, so it had to create by Dzanabadzar himself or his School.