Material Analysis & Research

Dry-lacquer technique

One of the most interesting pieces among the Japanese Collection’s Buddhist artworks is this statue of a seated bodhisattva, which until 2018 was believed to be from the eighth century. In 1949, the owner of the statue at the time, Edna Jellinek, wanted to take the piece to the USA. Her application was rejected by the authorities, and in 1960 the statue was bought from her by the Ferenc Hopp Museum. Her mother, the famous opera singer known by the name of Marcella Lindh, exhibited pieces from her Japanese collection in the Museum of Applied Arts in 1907, although the dry lacquer statue of the seated bodhisattva was not among them.

Picture 1: Seated Bodhisattva
Japan, Edo period (based on material analysis results)  
Wood, lacquer, textile, gilding, hollow dry-lacquer technique
Unsigned. Size: 44 × 35.5 × 26 cm

Work in progress photos