Life and Works of Péter Vay

Core collection research

In the framework of a research program on the core collections of Hopp Ferenc Museum, the investigation of Count Péter Vay’s life, diplomatic and missionary work, as well as the scientific analysis of his Japanese collection and the presentation of his role in promoting East Asian arts in Hungary are in progress. This Catholic prelate, who led an adventurous life and travelled the globe, purchased and built a Japanese collection of almost 2400 pieces for the Museum of Fine Arts in 1907. This collection became one of the most fundemantal units of the Hopp Ferenc Museum at the moment of its founding in 1919. 

Apart from the exploration of Count Vay’s personality and activities, it is an old debt from the part of Hopp Museum and Hungarian cultural history to provide a comprehensive analysis of Vay’s Japanese collection and to duly present the main types of objects and highlights therein. On these subjects an exhibition and a bilingual English and Hungarian study volume are forthcoming in 2023. The Hungarian volume is published together with Szent István Publishing House in 2022.