Exclusive guided tour artist Anna Révész | The art of Japan and own works

Exclusive guided tour artist Anna Révész | The art of Japan and own works

Since 20 September, in the second room of the exhibition, Réka Tóth-Vásárhelyi's kokeshi dolls have been replaced by the works of Anna Révész, a young contemporary Japanese-Hungarian painter.

Anna Révész's artistic world is particularly exciting and unique. As a child of two cultures, both European and Asian influences have shaped her views and her art.
Born in Nagoya, Japan, to a Japanese mother and a Hungarian father, the artist lived in her native country until the age of fifteen, moving to Hungary in 2008. Her childhood was spent in the Hida Mountains, at the foot of the sacred Mount Ontake, where her love of nature and the cult of local mythology were deeply ingrained. Objects related to childhood memories often appear as motifs in her paintings. In recent years, the idea of 'mujo' or transience has played a dominant role in her works: true beauty is found in the moment of passing.

In the melancholic, subtle imagery of Anna Révész, spirituality permeates the tangible reality. The artist, going back to the Japanese tradition, prefers to use "gansai", a kind of traditional Japanese watercolour technique. She paints meticulously on paper with a very thin brush, for him the elaboration of details is a kind of meditative activity.

Attention: the language of the programme is Hungarian.

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