Yurts and Monastries

Research related to the current exhibition

The revival of domestic scientific research on the Mongols is attributed to Lajos Ligeti. Thanks to his work, our knowledge about the Mongols was put into a unified framework, which continues to expand following the successful expeditions that continue to this day. During his research trip to Inner Mongolia (1928–1931), he added about fifty objects to the Chinese and Mongolian Collection of the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asiatic Arts. The study published in the study volume undertakes for the first time to explore the material heritage of the museum, to present the main groups of the collected material and to describe its outstanding pieces. Ligeti's donations, although they laid the foundation for the creation of the Mongolian Collection, do not reflect a conscious collecting concept. He was primarily a philologist and linguist, and he did not consider the study of material culture particularly important. More information in Hungarian ›››